Art and Healing

Healing a Wounded Heart: Grief, Loss and Transformation

Our losses are many and varied.  They range from the loss of a significant
other owing to death, a loss of a child, loss of self-esteem, loss of physical ability,
loss of a job, to the breakdown of a marriage. Losses can lead to debilitating
grief and painful emotions. Art is a powerful healing agent that can help transform
the pain of loss and grief into renewed life and growth.  These four sessions will
use creative expression, story, music, reflection and sharing to help participants
voice their grief and loss and transform it into new life.

Still Life: Art and Contemplation
Art should be an outward expression of our inward journey. This workshop
examines the relationship between creativity and contemplative prayer.
Our art can become both an expression of self and an insight into self.
With a focus on "still life" this workshop welcomes artists working in any medium
to discover wonder, beauty and insight in the ordinary objects of everyday life.
This workshop will include live painting demonstrations, smart technology
presentations on composition and colour theory as well as approaches to a variety
of mediums.

Drawing from our "Creative Well":  An Artist Workshop
This workshop will help us draw from the "creative well" within us.  Inspiring new
insights, breathing in new ideas and invigorating your creative process with input,
creative exercises, demonstrations, reflections, group critiques and practicum.
Through this workshop artists will experience “space” in the mind, on the canvas
and in the world – drawing from their "creative well" to create something beautiful
for God. This retreat is for beginner and advanced artists. Paint in the mediums
of your choice. (oil, watercolour, acrylic)
Bring your own supplies.

 Restoring Wellness through Creativity    
This retreat will sooth your soul and inspire your spirit.  We will take a holistic
approach blending creative expression, reflection and sharing.  Reconnect,
remember, engage and restore your whole person as it is loved by God.