Intuitive Mixed Mediums

Expressive Acrylic Workshop and Mixed Mediums

Through Acrylic Paint and a variety of acrylic gels and mediums this workshop
will extend and push your boundaries in painting with mixed mediums.  You will
experience techniques that are designed to motivate unusual ways of thinking,
perceiving and creating images.  The processes learned will be creative tools for transforming ordinary seeing into exciting and cohesive works of art.

There will be input on the fundamentals of art, practicum, demonstrations stressing
the impressive range and quality of acrylics, as well as one on one instruction to aid
the specific needs of each participant. Time will be set aside for critiques on
“How to look at your own art work” and “Where do you go from here?

This Expressive Acrylic Painting and Mixed Medium Workshop is for participants
who have some experience in acrylic and are interested in challenging themselves
while developing new skills as well as for beginners who want to conquer their fear
of painting. No need to buy anything just bring your own art supplies.


Gesture from the Soul: Painting without Hesitation
The canvas or surface is the arena in which to act and react, rather than a space
in which to represent objects. As artists we desire forms that come from our
inner being.  In this workshop we will be after forms that may liberate and inspire us.
We will investigate our soul through marks, strokes, the drip, and shear raw texture
of paint. Participants will need to bring their own medium.