Experiencing the Wonder of Tao Watercolour
The word Tao means “non-resistance and free flowing” and in this watercolour workshop
for beginners and beyond you will be encouraged to look within, following your intuition,
and at the same time experiencing the wonder and joy of free flow with watercolour. 
Create as you go. There will be demonstrations, practicum and group sharing.
Bring your own supplies.

Watercolour Made Easy
 In this workshop you will discover the delightful and versatile medium of watercolour. 
This workshop will offer techniques for simplifying the painting process. You will learn
the basic principles of watercolour and create washes that convey mood and atmosphere.
This workshop will be a “hands on approach” for beginners and advanced participants.
There will be demonstrations, practicum, critiques and group sharing.
Bring your own supplies.

Celebrating Spring: Painting Flowers in Watercolour
Whether you are experienced or just starting out in watercolour this workshop is for you!
You will learn tips on how to develop a composition, paint backgrounds and discover
glazing techniques that help build depth of colour and three dimensional form. 
Move from basic to beautiful.  Bring whatever watercolour paints and brushes you have.